Lucas Story

Luca is an active boy – no doubt about that! He plays football, does track and lacrosse. A person like that is communicative, capable and has all reasons to be confident. But Luca wasn’t: “When I have acne, I have this sense that I’m a lesser person.” Just another proof that how you look affects tremendously how you feel from the inside.

He had given up

Trying to fight this feeling of “demoralization”, Luca has set out to deal with acne once and for all. For a person who does sports and sweats a lot, that’s usually extremely difficult. And even though Luca was skeptical, Zapne once again proved that it can help with any acne problems.

Zapne sparked his personality

How does Luca feel after having tried Zapne? In his own words: “Even people can see the difference in me, my personality is a little more uplifted.” The thing about Zapne is that it offers great results fast – so if you don’t want acne to stop you in life, that’s your product.

Before | After

Disclaimer: These results were obtained during the clinical study of Zapne. The mask was applied in a controlled setting with consistent usage over a period of time. Your individual skin type, the way you apply the mask, your consistency in usage, your acne severity and other environmental factors will determine the effectiveness and length of the treatment. Your individual results may vary accordingly.

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