Jennifers Story (Samanthas Mom)

Acne doesn’t just affect you, it affects the people who love you too. Jennifer, a mother of a beautiful daughter with serious acne problem on her face and on her back, has watched her daughter struggle for years. Jennifer shares “As a mom, it makes you feel horrible, because you can’t always help them through the breakouts”.

She Felt helpless

Jennifer first noticed breakouts of acne on her daughter’s skin when Samantha was in elementary school and since then it has been a serious problem. “A lot of times she would just come in and cry because she was going to a beach party and everybody else didn’t have to deal with what she did.”

As a devoted mother, Jennifer was ready to do anything to help her daughter feel better about herself – even spending a lot of money didn’t stop her. In her video testimonials, she says “We did try different doctors, we tried different products for the acne to make it go away. We’ve tried lasers, we’ve tried different creams, we’ve tried antibiotics. At one point we tried a creme that was about $1200 a tube and we tried that for a couple months.” However, if anything worked at all, it was only for about a week, month tops – and then the acne would re-appear.

the results were fast

Zapne gave Jennifer’s daughter the opportunity to test the product before it even went on the market. They were both really excited about it and tried it immediately. Jennifer says “Within a few days, her skin looked amazingly clear!” So clear and beautiful, that Samantha’s sisters started asking her what she’s doing to her face because it looked great. Jennifer is now a proud mother to a truly happy and confident daughter.

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