Nimas Story

When we talk about problems with acne, we often think of girls. But boys suffer from acne too and perhaps feel even more helpless, as they are not that familiar with the cosmetics industry, plus they can’t use make up to hide it. Nima, who has suffered from acne for years, is the perfect example of that.

acne affect everyone

The way Nima starts his video testimonial by saying “I was just ready for a change, like I wanted my acne to be all gone” makes it clear how difficult it can be for a young boy to deal with acne. It affects the way he’s communicating with people, the way his peers see him, his confidence. And for such a promising young man like Nima, that’s just too bad.

Zapne works quickly

Fortunately, he found out about Zapne and decided to give it a go. He shares “Even after 30 minutes, after I rinsed my face, I could already feel that my skin was smoother and the acne

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