Samanthas Story

ZAPNE helped this varsity athlete regain her happiness, after horrible breakouts on her face, chest and back stole her confidence. Acne affected Samantha’s active lifestyle as a student-athlete. Discovering ZAPNE was one of the best things that ever happened to her – it changed her life completely, including spiking her confidence.

acne had her feeling self-conscious

“I always felt like I had to hide. I have acne on my back, so whenever I took off my shirt, I felt like I had to hide my back from people.” Acne on Samantha’s back and chest changed the way she interacted with the world. Whenever she wore a bikini, she always felt like people were staring at her acne.

Feel Normal Again

From the moment she started using ZAPNE, Samantha could feel that it was different. “I could feel it working in my pores, like a little burning,” she says. Now, Samantha doesn’t feel self-conscious about her acne. “I feel like a normal teenager now,” she gushed. “Even my friends were like, ‘Wow, your face looks so much better!’ I felt so happy, and my face felt and looked 10 times better.”

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