Does Zapne Really Work?

Over the years, Dr. Gregory Robertson has treated thousands of patients that have struggled with acne. While researching different acne treatments, he found that many over-the-counter solutions contain harmful chemicals that actually damage the skin. So, he set out to find an organic, sustainable, and effective solution for his patients. After extensive research, he found what he was looking for on the southern beaches of Russia.

A sustainable freshwater sponge that comes from the estuary in Southern Russia and has been used for over half a century in Russia and Ukraine to treat various skin conditions.

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Clinical Results

The results of this natural acne treatment has been an effective treatment for over 1.5 million people each year with no reported adverse effects. This suggests that it has been both beneficial as well as safe to use.

Dr. Gregory Robertson used this substance as the basis of his revolutionary new organic acne medication now known as Zapne. In 2013, he prepared his formulation to be tested. Not surprising, the test showed patients see changes in their acne in as little as two treatments!

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The Proprietary formulation known as ZAPNE has been created that complies with the FDA Monograph for Topical Acne Drug Products for Over-the-Counter Use (21 CFR Part 333, Subpart D).